Non religious wedding

Non religious wedding, a very symbolic union !

Grâce à votre wedding planner, créez la cérémonie laique de vos rêves

Your wedding is taking shape, good ideas keep gaining ground, but a few doubts remain regarding the ceremony itself (city hall, church, non religious, etc.).

For a reason or another, you’ve decided to go to the registry office only. BUT you’re not really content with it :

Too quick, too administrative, not customized enough…

You dream of a ceremony like you,
that would match with the values you carry and be as beautiful as the love
you have for each other.

Le plus important dans une cérémonie laique est l'importance apportée aux détails

It’s possible if you create your own ceremony. YOUR non religious ceremony.
An atypical ceremony, with a strong symbolism.
A ceremony that would represent you as a couple !

La cérémonie laïque met en avant la croyance des sentiments                                   small-separator-z
No constraint, let your imagination and your emotions run wild

Inside or outside, with your own texts and rituals,
create with Mam’zelle Pétille, your commitment ceremony !


What Mam’zelle Pétille can do for you : help to create the structure, write the non religious ceremony plot, think about the rituals, music and decoration, give advices to who intervenes, work as an officiant on the D-Day. For that, she will have to meet you several times, and get to know you better.

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Les rituels de groupe sont traditionnels dans une cérémonie laïque