Your wedding

Plan a wedding takes time. A lot of time.
So if you don’t really want to…

Spend more than 300 hours reading wedding magazines
Deal with tedious tasks on your beautiful day
Balance a budget
Look for the caterer and the reception hall that would be perfect for you
Handle your guests and their twists and turns


Quels sont les avantages de faire appel à une organisatrice mariage ?

And that you dream of someone experienced by your side to listen to you, give you advices

Here is the solution :

Mam’zelle Pétille !


She has an option for every need so pick up the one that will turn your wedding day into a unique day.

Laissez la wedding planner gérer l'ensemble de vos préparatifs mariage

The “A to Z” option

Lack of ideas or time ?

Take advantage of Mam’zelle Pétille’s experience and personality to build with her, step by step, your wedding. She’ll monitor everything, from the atmosphere to your budget and your ball opening.

Laissez Mam'zelle Pétille, wedding planner, réfléchir à votre décoration

The “blush stroke” option

Your ideas, Mam’zelle Pétille’s touch

Mam’zelle Pétille put at your disposal her creativity and touch of eccentricity to create, for your wedding, the decoration you dream of.
A dose of imagination, a spark of passion, and, cherry on the top, those details that will make the difference. For a result as beautiful as your beautiful day.

Mam'zelle Pétille, wedding planner, gère votre journée mariage

The “perfection” option

The shadowy figure

Your wedding is ready, you’ve thought about everything for months and months and you’re now about to say “yes” to the love of your life. If you want to be able to enjoy your day without pressure, let Mam’zelle Pétille’s work her magic. She’ll be there from sunrise to sunset to accompany you, coordinate the staff and, of course, handle the last minute troubles.

Mam'zelle Pétille cherche la perle rare pour votre mariage

The “scout” option

Good adresses

You’re looking for the rare pearl, the one that will allow you to create a wedding like you. A jazz band ? A culinary activity ? A unique place ? But you don’t know where to start ? Let Mam’zelle Pétille look for you !

Les conseils d'une wedding planner

The “Wed’advices” option

Tips and time saving !

You’re willing to handle your wedding preparation but don’t really know how to do that. How to estimate your budget ? What are next year trends ? How to deal with a guests list ? Mam’zelle Pétille will be happy to help you so your wedding takes shape.




A detailed and customized quote will be given to you after a study project.
We’ll discuss your needs and desires during a free meeting (no string attached).
In addition to our options, we would be delighted to organize
all your happy events.
We can also help you with the stationery and decoration (on demand)